Therapeutic garden benefits

The impact of gardens and landscapes on property value is a common topic within industry and media alike. But what about the more intrinsic benefi ts associated with outdoor spaces — the potential for gardens and outdoor living areas to transform minds, bodies and souls? We believe that anyone can find restorative benefits in outdoor […]

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Shade in the garden

With summer nearly here, keeping the sun off your windows and out of your home is a priority. Shading the home is one of the most important aspects of making your house comfortable as well as energy-efficient. There is an extensive range of interior and exterior products that can have a huge effect on how […]

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The project for your Garden Design

Many gardening books suggest you wait a year before you begin modifying your garden so you can see what bulbous and perennial herbs grow and understand how the different areas are lit. In theory, this is definitely a good idea, especially if you inherited the garden from a skilled gardener, but doing so will work […]

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